From: RM69.00

From: RM69.00
(5 customer reviews)

WoundKreme (30/60gm)



WoundKreme was formulated to accelerate the healing process and provide a more complete wound care dressing for patients and healthcare practitioners. Suitable for all types of cuts, burns and wounds.

  • Partial Thickness Burn (1st & 2nd Degree)
  • Stalled Healing Wounds
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers
  • HALAL Certified

Directions for use:

  • Gently clean the affected area using sterile gauze.
  • Apply 1/4 inch of WoundKreme to the affected area using sterile gloves/tongue depressor.
  • Re-apply WoundKreme every 12 hours and cover with new dressing until the wound is healed.
    (Usually ships within 2-14 days)

5 reviews for WoundKreme (30/60gm)

  1. Selina Ng

    Really good product! Its helped with my eczema a lot and delivery was fast, highly recommended!

  2. Mohinderjeet Singh

    I find the creme to exceptionally good when I comes to soothing and healing burns. Not forgetting it has also helped my dry skin. Highly recommended because of its natural ingredients.

  3. H Maslan

    Brng sampai dlm keadaan baik. TQ

  4. Fong Wai

    Got one for my brother who works in the kitchen 2 weeks ago. The healing speed is quite noticeable compared to some products he tried previously. Love the natural smell of Honey too!

  5. wvoonfei

    Bought this few months back, I’ve been using this for all the cuts and bruises. Normally, my wounds healing takes about 1-2 weeks, but after using WoundKreme, it takes on average about 3-5 days. Love it! Going to stock up more during this lockdown period!

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